Web4th: starter kit for "temporal web" applications

i posted a while back about this idea of a “Temporal Web” : Introducing the Temporal Web

i’ve worked on a starter kit to make it hopefully more straightforward for people to give it a try :point_right::point_right: GitHub - teawaterwire/web4th :point_left::point_left:

if some of you are willing to go through the README and let me know what can be improved, that would be great!

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Just installed and ran it. No issues other than deprecated libraries.
Signed in and it gave me some options, one of which was to add an android: I turned my droid’s camera on the code blob and clicked connect - which I think it did. Then I saw some text which I’ll paste in below. Beyond that, not yet sure what to make of it, but, on the surface, it appears to have some interesting capabilities.

9/18/2022, 2:04:51 PM
Welcome to a web4ᵗʰ app!
You can say Hello, start a game of Ping or create a Todo list

Need help jpark? Just start a chat with support
9/18/2022, 2:05:32 PM
Enter text or select action below (NOTE: there was a text box below this line)
PingNew TodoHello
Start chat with support
jpark • Sign out

Note: forgot to mention, this was online, not desktop: did not see the control buttons illustrated in the ReadMe. Hah! I can edit this. Rebooted it and now I see the full image as illustrated. I suspect that first exercise might be related to “onboarding”.

Meanwhile, I clicked Start Chat with Support. That bar turned pink.
Fiddling with ToDo is not obvious.
Time for more deep exploration.

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thanks for giving it a go!
ok so the todo example is not obvious how it can be used to save its state over time – will try to make it more obvious :slight_smile: