Introduce yourself!



Hi I’m Jonathan,

I’m from Pennsylvania; I moved around a few times but ended up back in old stomping grounds looking to help my home town improve. I’ve been a fan of clojure for a long time, been to a few conj’s but typically keep a low profile.

I work at USPS, I’ve used clojure on some backend items at work, the org is very java centric so I squeezed clojure in where I could: load testing, UI testing, data processing etc.

I’m fond of coffee, pizza (thanks the pizza book!! aq, mrb!). I spend time with guitar and ukelele, exercising, and international adoption of special needs children (this one is very important to me).

I’d like to thank the community, and everyone involved in clojure (and its ecosystem) in providing something so great. I am sure it can feel tiring and thankless work at times, but you must know it does provide deep, very real impact to peoples lives.

Hope to see everyone around!



My name is Théophile, but you can call me Theo :wink:

I’m from the French Alps, now living in Paris but trying to do Tech Nomadism as much as possible :sunny:

I discovered Clojure at a JS conference in 2014 — David Nolen was the speaker and I knew straight away this language was going to be my future :star_struck:

However I had to wait until July 2016 when I started Booctin to work full-time with full-stack Clojure — finally :muscle:

In 2018 I started building Multis (Cryptobank for companies) and this time I went with full-stack ClojureScript: a static webapp powered by re-frame hitting Firebase Firestore and Cloud Functions written in cljs. If you’re curious I wrote a post about this stack (spoiler: shadow-cljs is bliss) :nerd_face:

Last year I waited for EuroClojure to happen but it didn’t… So I’m really looking forward to attending Heart of Clojure this year to finally connect with the Clojure community again :hugs:

Apart from that, well, four cups of coffee per day :coffee:

À bientôt !



My name is Mogens. I live in Denmark. I am a mathematician, but work day to day as Test Lead.
I just love everything about Clojure :slight_smile:

I am the author of:



Hello Mogens! Nice to see you here. I’ve stumbled upon your project, and it’s quite fascinating.

It would be interesting to hear what plans you have for the project. Getting started with Clojure is currently hard, and Racket approaches that challenge by providing a ready-made editor.


Hi Teodor

Thank you very much. It is a touch question. In Emacs, you extend the editor using elisp and then write clojure to interact with a clojure repl, which is somewhere outside Emacs. My goal is to have an editor, you can extend using Clojure (and all existing java libraries) where you interact directly with the application you are creating, not “intergrating”, but “interacting”. This works today. I use it everyday at home and at work. I evaluate code on the fly to modify the editor depending on, what I am working on. So, my focus ongoing, is to make it easier for others to understand and use the editor and to make it more userfriendly. That is very difficult in practice! And it is even more difficult to make it beginner friendly without sacrificing some power, but I do have that in mind.

Nice to see you too.