Latest Cardigan Bay release for publishing running snippets of Clojure

Just released Cardigan Bay 0.7.1

Here’s a quick overview of some recent changes.

Cardigan Bay is a wiki engine, which is intended to be run as a personal notebook / knowledge management system / “Digital Gardening” system etc.

It runs locally to manage a collection of pages. But can then export these pages as “flat HTML” which you can host pretty much everywhere.

However, it’s also intended as a “smart notebook” into which you can embed executable Clojure code. Perhaps for mathematical models or computer simulations etc.

That was nice, but the exported flat versions of these pages didn’t contain running code.

However with this release, we’ve incorporated the Small Clojure Interpreter / Scittle into the exports. So now published pages CAN contain snippets of executing Clojure that a reader / user can run and even modify, while reading the page.

This is great if you want to publish, say, a simulation on your wiki, but allow the readers to set the parameters etc.